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Chinese Propaganda Seducing the World

In English
  • Chinese Propaganda Seducing the World
  • © PUNCT (Brussels) 2019
  • 17 x 25 cm
  • 296 pages
  • 58 photographs

ISBN 9789082336443 (Paperback via bookstores)
ISBN 9789082336450 (Ebook)

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Chinese Propaganda Seducing the World offers a fascinating analysis of the Chinese Communist Party’s use of propaganda to legitimize its position and strengthen its power in China and the world. The author presents a unique insider’s view of how political propaganda infiltrates private life in China. Propaganda is also the Party’s strongest tool for building China’s global power. Thanks to both Chinese and non-Chinese spreading China’s national myth, the Communist Party of China is fast seducing people all around the world.

Jeanne Boden holds a PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures (Sinology). In her 30 years of engagement with China, she has assembled an impressive archive of photographs depicting propaganda slogans in places across China, from Jilin in the Northeast to Tibet and Xinjiang in the West, from Beijing in the North to Guangdong in the South. This book, based on research of thousands of slogans, presents exclusive photographs revealing China’s extensive use of propaganda, and its deep impact domestically and internationally.

’A sharp and extremely relevant analysis.’

Jonathan Holslag, Professor International Relations VUB

’Chinese Propaganda Seducing the World could not have been written without the decade-long experience and in-depth insights the author manifests throughout her work. At the end of the book, one not only looks anew at political influence and propaganda but is also equipped with a more in-depth comprehension of Chinese culture, politics, and economy, all intertwined in propaganda. It is a must-read, not only for those working on propaganda or political communication, but anyone living in a contemporary world that is increasingly influenced by structural Chinese ownerships.’

Van Belle Jono, postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University and Örebro University

’Chinese propaganda has always been a subject of fascination for westerners. But now China's government is pushing its ideology and influence actively around the world, it has more than ever become a necessity to learn about its means and working.’

Fred Sengers, Publicist and public speaker about Modern China